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Print Information

All images offered were taken on traditional film, and archivally printed on classical, proven papers, without any digital manipulation or digital processing anywhere in the process chain. Prints are offered matted as described below, ready for framing or archival storage.

Limited Edition Silver Gelatin Prints

All black & white photographs are printed on 12 x 16 inches (30x40 cm) paper size. Actual dimensions vary depending on the aspect ratio of the particular image. For prints on different paper sizes, please inquire for availability and price.

All images enlarged since the early 1990's are printed on Ilford Multigrade fiber-base paper and have been archivally processed and selenium-toned (earlier prints were made on Ilford Gallery paper). All prints are drymounted onto 100%-rag (acid free) 4-ply mounting board, with a window mat of identical material hinged to it, ready to be framed or archivally stored. For the 12 x 16 inch prints, the mounting board and window mat are typically sized 20 x 24 inches (50 x 60 cm).

All images are printed in limited editions of 50 copies, plus up to 5 artist's proofs (A/P's), irrespective of individual print sizes. All prints offered are numbered and signed in pencil below the print, and stamped, signed and/or initialed with image infos and its unique print-ID on the back.

Prices are staged by edition number, and depend on print size. Editions 1-5 are offered at the base price of each image. Prices for editions 6-10 are priced 10-15% above the base price, and so on for each subsequent set of 5 editions, until an edition is sold out. This staged pricing protects the investment of earlier buyers and rewards those collectors who buy at a low edition number when an image may still be in lower demand. But at the same time it assures that an image is available for purchase throughout a sufficiently long period of time despite of the relatively low edition number that is strictly adhered to.

Color Prints

As described under Artist's Statement, my strong focus is on black & white photography. However, this is not to imply that my color images are not worthy of a closer look. The focal point is slightly different in my color photography: While I am also taking Art&Design-type images (patterns, color-plays, etc.), a large amount of images results from travel photography and therefore covers mostly nature and landscapes. The majority of prints are offered in limited editions of 50 copies, irrespective of individual prints sizes. These are numbered and signed, and drymounted similar to the black & white images. Some earlier images have been offered as unrestricted editions.

Since the majority of these images originate from slide film, these are predominantly enlarged onto Cibachrome-type paper to obtain the best color rendition and longevity.


Prints will be shipped within the USA, Canada, and Western Europe. For shipments to other areas of the world, please inquire. Shipments will be made in suitable protective containers to avoid shipping damages. Shipping charges apply, and packages need to be insured.

More Details and Pricing

For more details and pricing information, please inquire:

e-mail: DopatkaPhotography@gmail.com
phone: +1 (865) 228-7260

Knoxville, TN area: For inquiries and viewing of select prints, please contact:

Bennett Galleries, Attn. Robert Shipley, Art Director,
5308 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919, ph. (865) 584-6791, www.bennettgalleries.com

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